Jug metal jardin

Jug metal jardin

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 31cm x 16cm

Use it like a watering can or simply dress up the jug with fresh cut flowers from the garden, the very vintage feel and design of this rustic look jug is enough to transport you back to times, when dainty cakes and tea time were the norm of the day and high tea was what one looked forward to. Grab a piece of the past with tiny inclusions that helps you recreate the charm and quirkiness of the past in the simplest possible way.

Made from galvanized sheet, this metal made jug is sturdy and would be a great option for you to use as a watering can for your indoor potted plants, while having plants indoors always would need you to care for them in so many different ways, but one regular need is for them to eb watered. Create that special vintage garden feel in your spaces with this antique look jug that is sturdy, has a great capacity and balanced well in your hand when gripped from the handle. Makes for beautiful display as well when topped with garden fresh blooms the sheet metal made jug has a tin cut label that is rivetted into its ridged body that lays bare its origins, very chic and refreshingly unpretentiously shabby chic, it wears its age with charm and will help blend in a beautiful feel of the past through your love for plants as well. The jug has a height of 31 cm and at its widest its 16 cm which is at its base. The curved handle is sturdy and allows a great balance while pouring.

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